Working with our client Crye Precision and architect MNDPC, Verdant is creating a 4.800 sqft immersive, organic experience within the structure of a re-imagined shipbuilding hangar. This space will be the entrance of Crye Precision's headquarters in building 128 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Building128 bw.jpg

Building 128. 

Crye Box Diagram.png

Topography model and boulder installation at Brooklyn Navy Yard.


Flavor Paper Field



At the rooftop of Flavor Paper, planting over 750 native grasses and perennials created a field of live organisms that register the patterns of the environment. When the patterns of the field and sky are conflated in the mind, a transportive experience is within reach.

 Clouds behind bright green alpine meadows by Horia Varlan

Clouds behind bright green alpine meadows by Horia Varlan

 Alpine Meadow by SNappa2006

Alpine Meadow by SNappa2006


Patterns that appear asynchronous have further enriched people's experiences of the Flavor Paper Field: crickets chirping during its mating season, an unexpected swarm of bees and butterflies in the summer, a hawk eating a pigeon, a gust of terrestrial scents.


At Flavor Paper, the planting is choreographed; the concept of layering is applied across many dimensions, and at many scales. Layering occurs in the horizontal and vertical; as wholes and as parts; as forms and colors; and in terms of time and seasons.

For this project, plants are selected for their expressive foliage. While delicate grasses that sway and register the dynamic flows of the wind prevail, plants that display vibrant colors in the spring and fall are also important to the design.

Panels of black steel simultaneously frame the field and screen out views of adjacent, barren rooftops. This simple gesture accentuates the interplay between the field and the sky.


Stabler Farms



At Stabler Farms, we blurred the boundaries between the structured and unstructured; we designed a process where the topographic and climatic patterns positively influence both agriculture and wilderness.


A part of our strategy was to plant 500 tree saplings; to initiate a transformational change.


Sagaponack House


The Sagaponack House was developed through a design process that considered a wide range of relationships between things.

  Photo: "Aquatic Plants" by Tanaka Juuyoh

Photo: "Aquatic Plants" by Tanaka Juuyoh


Here, the architecture and site design introduce many opportunities for viewing—and breathing in—the ocean, lagoon, and native wetlands, from new and interesting angles.

 Existing site conditions

Existing site conditions

 Existing site conditions

Existing site conditions


TriBeCa Penthouse, Greenwich Hotel


Photography: Tamara Bogolasky


Chelsea Penthouse, Metal Shutter House


Upper East Side, Casa Blanc



Brooklyn Heights, Stone Garden



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