Nicol Fiala
Horticultural Operations Assistant

Nicol brings a wealth of knowledge to Verdant's business operations from having worked a variety of administrative positions in the design field. Nicol devotes her time towards developing business strategies and creating financial initiatives. She holds a B.A. from Saint Peter's University and an MA in International Business and Trade from NYU's Stern School of Business.

Tina DeSanto
Lead Horticulturist

Tina’s deep understanding of plants and horticulture stems from her passion for natural systems. Outside of work, through adventurous recreational activities, she frequently engages with nature. Her experiences outdoors—intertwined with its milieu—reinforce her passion and is a source of inspiration to her life.

With her family roots entrenched in and around New York City, her pilgrimage involves re-introducing nature to the urban fabric. While working at Verdant, she devotes part of her time to acquiring new knowledge about plants, and how they enrich the day-to-day experiences of its inhabitants.