Guillaume Proust
Project Manager & Designer

As Project Manager and Designer at Verdant, Guillaume seamlessly blends an aesthetic approach with a rigorous technical expertise. He is an integral part in the collaborative process as designs move from vision to realization.

After graduating from the National School of Landscape Architecture in France, Guillaume worked as a landscape architect in France, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Canada before joining Verdant’s team in 2013. Overseas, he developed his expertise in site and social analysis by working on urban public projects including plazas, parks and waterfronts.

Since 2011, he has been working on a broad range of residential projects in both New York and California as a designer and project manager. He has honed his skills on a diverse range of site conditions and eco systems, often testing his design visions in situ.  

Inga Nielsen
Senior Project Manager

Raised in the North of Germany, Inga spend her formative years in France, Belgium and England, before eventually making the move over the big pond into "the new world" in 2006. Inga has been the design lead and project manager for a substantial array of high end residential and commercial projects within the architecture industry in New York City and the North-East before succumbing to her passion for landscapes and plants and joining Verdant in 2014.

During her time in Brussels, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at the Ecole Superieure des Arts Plastiques. She received her second degree in Interior and Spatial Design at London’s Chelsea College of Art and Design. In 2014, she obtained a Certificate in Horticulture at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

As a Senior Project Manager, Inga is responsible for coordinating and steering Verdant’s projects towards completion while assuring a strong balance between the strategic and creative realization of each project.