We bring landscape designs to life by offering comprehensive plant selection consultation and detailed documentation.



With a foundation in both construction industry practices, as well as botany and horticultural, Mac Carbonell serves as project lead on all consulting-related work. Having guided planting in a broad range of project typologies, the VERDANT team is well versed in commercial, residential, and public projects.



We work with a range of experts in the design and construction industry, including: architects, landscape architects, general contractors, and engineers. Complexity and scale inform many of the decisions we make as part of our consulting practice.




Drawing on 30+ years of combined field experience in the New York Metropolitan region, we work closely with trade professionals to provide the highest level of service for projects ranging in complexity. Our horticultural knowledge extends across a broad range of both common and unique Northeastern selections. Our emphasis is on the use of native plants as well as selections that thrive in the Northeastern climate. For interior projects, we have in-depth experience with a broad selection of tropical and subtropical plants species.


Planning. Then Planting.

We focus on details, so your project does more than look good on paper. Our office is focused on the long-term success proper plant selection and planning can add to any landscape design. We begin every project with due diligence:

  • Research

  • Communication

  • Presentation of Findings


Considering All Factors

Because we’ve worked with architects, landscape designers, contractors, MEP and structural engineers — we are fully capable of integrating plant design into a full-scale architectural project. From design through construction, we can remain as involved as necessary to ensure delivery of a successful landscape installation. As part of our consulting services, we can provide and advise on:

  • Project Management

  • Plant Sourcing

  • Value Engineering

  • Installation Methods and Details

  • Maintenance and Ongoing Care

  • Seasonal Considerations



We believe that long-term success depends on thoughtful plant selection: the right location for the right species